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Paint App Experiment / Edublogs Challenge 5
Posted on October 20, 2014 at 1:47 pm by and

Roxy Paint AppIn class we were also experimenting with the paint app for the edublogs challenge 5. This is what I made.

Comic Life Experiment / Edublogs Challenge 5
Posted on October 20, 2014 at 1:18 pm by and

In class, We were experimenting with Comic Life for the edublogs challenge 5.Page_1

Special Education Pt.1| Blog Action 2014
Posted on October 15, 2014 at 12:57 pm by and

The good things about special education are that everybody is equal, every one learns the same things, people feel good and accepted. People that need special education can still have good careers and be smart. They can also learn two of the most important things in the world, math and reading. Handicaps, blind people and deft people  can still be happy and have friends. At are school we have a path for people with crutches and wheel chairs, so they can get up. The others take the stairs. The people with special needs can feel special.

People with special needs need education as well because they deserve to have happy lives and to have jobs. Children still need to get jobs to have enough money for food and houses later on in their lives. Another thing that is really helpful for blind people is braille. When people have disabilities they should have special help and care , so that they could live their own lives.

Art: If you have a disability, you should receive special care and support so that you can live a full and independent life.

Source: UNICEF Know your rights and responsibilities

Special Education Pt.2 | Blog Action 2014

Work in progress – image on the way!

When I Grow Up / Edublogs Challenge 2
Posted on October 2, 2014 at 3:33 pm by and

Hi over on Jenniva`s  blog she talked about her future goals. So I thought I might talk about my future goals. When I grow up I ether want to be a veterinarian or a teacher. If I was a teacher I would want to be a teacher for little kids because I like to see little kids, and it would probably be really fun. A veterinarian  would be because I really like animals. So I might want to spend my day with them. Although back to for the teacher thing, it would ether be a teacher for little kids or for teenagers. By the way if you want go see Jenniva`s blog just click .

Le Temps Des Pommes
Posted on October 2, 2014 at 3:32 pm by and

Le temps des pommesA l`automne, revient le temps des pomme. C`est très amusant d’aller cueillir cet excellent fruit. Quand moi et ma famille allons cueillir des pommes, nous pouvons grimper dans les arbres pour prendre des pommes. Nous pouvons aussi monter  dans des échelles. Après avoir remplis notre sac, nous allons faire un tour de carriole tirée par un tracteur. Nous faisons tout le tour de la pommeraie (où il y a les pommiers). Par la suit, nous allons a la boutique ou les propriétaires vent des très bonnes choses. Ma mère achetée toujours du jus de pomme. Je le trouve excellent, c’est le seul jus de pommes que je bois parce qu’il est frais. Ma mère nous acheté aussi de la gelée de pomme que nous pouvons mettre sur nos rôties. Il ne faut surtout pas oublier le fameux fudge que nous adorons. Bref,  nous passons une très belle journée.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A Blog Review On 1Sarina Kapoor’s Blog | Edublogs Challenge 2
Posted on September 26, 2014 at 1:20 pm by and

Hi today I will be reviewing Sarina Kapoor’s blog, you can visit it by pressing  .The reason I like  Sarina’s  blog  is because she talks a lot about sports.  I really liked her article in titled My Passion.  I like that she talks about sports because I like sports. Anyways her blog is awesome.

The Disgusting Race
Posted on September 26, 2014 at 1:18 pm by and

There was a race near my house that my mom wanted me to be in but she did not know what it was. I was in the race . I went with Elena and her sister. We had to pass through tunnels. Climb over a wall and walk on a tight rope. Then we had to walk trough ropes attached to flags and after do the monkey bars . The sixth obstacle was really gross we had do eat dead termites. It was disgusting. After we had do walk across a wall, smack a gong climb over a higher wall, walk on wood, pass through  tires then a tent full of soap.

My 2014 Summer
Posted on September 26, 2014 at 1:17 pm by and

My whole summer started when I went on vacation to North Carolina we missed a day of vacation because of hurrcane Aurthor. When we got to the condo the out side of the condo wa sa mess. A big dumpster got there there were picknick tabels in the pool. There is a pond next to the condo with a deck to watch the turttles and it was totally riped out.

Later in the summer I went to my grandparent`s  cottage to celebrate  my grandmothers birthday and her uncle`s  birthday. I went to the cottage with my mom, my brother, my brother`s friend and my mom`s friend.

My birthday was just before school started. For my birthday i got a cotton candy machine, a snow cone machine,braclet material, dry earase markers, a suit case, a puzzule,i tunes gift card, a foot spa, new clothes.

NFL Violence
Posted on September 26, 2014 at 12:58 pm by and

RoxyShould athletes who behave badly in their private lives, be punished professionally?

My teacher first brought up in class that, Adrian Peterson beat his four year old with a branch.  He beat his four year old because he was arguing with his younger brother over a videogame. Ray Rice beat his wife in an elevator. He beat his wife because she said something that he did not like.

I think that the police should choose if Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson get to play in the NFL.  Mostly because the police could investigate and find out more things on the subject.  Although I think that the NFL and the police can maybe figure out a punishment together. If I was fighting with my brothers, they would not kick me out of school.

Here are some other people`s opinions. Bob thinks that the NFL should punish them because they used their strength. Although the NFL trains them to be strong to play football. Florence thinks that they should not be able to play for a few games because what they did was wrong. Although on the other hand it would maybe cause a fight between fans. Danica thinks that the police and the NFL people should work together to choose if they stay in the NFL. Yet also work together for the whole punishment. Rocky thinks that they should just let the police deal with it and mind their own business.  Dan said that if he gets mad at home he might get mad in the NFL. So he should learn his lesson so he should miss two games. Edward thinks that the NFL should punish the players because the players don’t have the right to punish their family and wives badly. He also thinks that they should kick them off the football team. Neil thinks that they should be punished by the NFL because they could hurt other people in their private lives or the other football players. (Read the rest of this story.)

My Dad`s September 11, 2001
Posted on September 15, 2014 at 1:28 pm by and

September_11th_terrorist_attack_on_the_World_Trade_Center_LCCN2002717279_LC-A05-D01_tifOn September 11th, 2001 it was my dads birthday . One morning when he first got the news of the tragedy, he was at Charles-Lemoyne hospital with my oldest brother who was 12 years old at the time. thy were there to get my brothers arm checked out for the last time by the orthopedic surgeon. They were waiting for his turn to go up, when an intern from the hospital stepped out into the hall to announce  to everyone that the first plane had hit  a tower . Then minutes later the second.

After my brother`s  appointment he went back home and spent most of that day watching the news reports. It is a birth day anniversary that he will certainly never forget.

Photo Credits : Wikimedia Commons

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