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School Christmas Concert
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Roxy Christmas concertAt my school we have two concerts. We have the Christmas concert and the spring concert. For the Christmas concert this year my class has two songs. The first one is Let It Go but our music teacher changed the lyrics around a little bit, like for one it isn’t “let it go, let it go“ it is “ let it snow, let it snow“.  Our other song is TNT although our music teacher changed pretty much every single lyric. I like more Let It Go then TNT, but I still like it. Its actually pretty good. It does not really sound anything like the regular version of TNT, except the rhythm of the song. I`m also going to be one the English emcee for the concert. One of my friends Elena is also going to be the other English emcee. The French emcees are also my friends, they are Bonnie and Julliette. If you want the address to Elena, Bonnie and Julliette`s blogs here are the links. This is Elena`s, here is Bonnie`s and this is Julliette`s ;)

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My Little Demon Zoé
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roxy devilIf you read a few of my older post then you would know that I got a new kitten Zoé. It makes a few weeks that I have her now. This morning she came into my room and started scratching my hamper. My hamper is made of a sort of weird plastic. So it made me wake up because of the loud noise. It was horrible, instead of waking up at 6:30 I woke up somewhere between 5:30 and 6:00. So from now on I will have to close my door or cover my hamper when I am not there and when I am sleeping. At first she was a little angel now not so much. my mom says its normal for cats to do that a few weeks after they move into a new place. Apparently my other cat Elmo I use to have did the same thing when he was a baby.

Photo Credit : Wikimedia Commons, Tacosunday

Cat Gender Mix Up
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roxy kittenMy kitten Zoé’s name was supposed to be Edward but it turned out she is a girl. At first we were not supposed to go to the pet shop. Although I came back from school early and both my parents were there. So I asked my parents to go and they said to wait for my brother to get home. Since I was so excited we went as soon as my brother came home.

My dad said that we should get a male because they tend to have a better attitude then the female cats. My mom said it was true so we started looking but there were not many male cats.  There were two that we found really cute ad they looked calm and nice.

So we asked a woman to show us both cats since they have little rooms to check out the dogs and cats when you want to buy one. So she showed us both cats, the other one was younger so it was smaller. Although we did not pay any attention to that. We payed attention to see if they were nice and seemed to like us. The smaller one only payed attention to his toy and when we took it away he went to hide.

Zoé on the other hand seemed to like us and was super sweet. So we picked her and payed for her. We went to visit her on the weekend and the woman said the vet found something out it was that she was a girl not a boy. Although we still decided to take her because we liked her personality and the fact that she had a good attitude.

We ended up making a good choice by picking Zoé instead of the other little kitten. I am sure someday a great person will adopt him unless they already have.

Photo Credit : Wikimedia Commons, Von.grzanka

My Favorite Ideas For Science Fair
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roxy printIf you have read my two last blog posts then you know that my school has a science fair. One of my top three science fair ideas is creating a lava lamp. Another one is fly, float and sink- boat of clay. I also have dog nose prints. I have two of those ideas from books and one from the internet.

The dog nose prints is from a website, here is the link,

The idea about creating a lava lamp was from a book. The book title is Star Wars Science Fair Book. It was on page twenty-five.

The idea of fly, float and sink-boat of  clay was from a book. (Read the rest of this story.)

Top Six Science Fair Ideas From Books
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Roxy lava lampIf you read my last post then you know that at our school we have a science fair. Last time I was blogging I was looking for ideas on the internet this time I got science fair ideas from books. I have to say there were more ideas from the books then from the internet. Although I don’t know if I will do one of the projects from the internet or from these books.

Anyways I found eight ideas that I liked then shortened it down to six. Someone in my class told me there were lots of ideas in the book Star Wars Science Fair Book. He was right. I found 5 of the ideas that I kept from that book. In all eight  I found  six. I got one idea that I know I could do, it was testing for oxygen in water. I know  I can do that because there is a lot of oxygen in the water, I know because we can see little white bubbles in the water. That was on page 16. (Read the rest of this story.)

My Top Three Science Fair Ideas From The Internet
Posted on November 26, 2014 at 4:07 pm by and tagged , , , ,

Roxy Dog noseAt our school we have a science fair. For my science fair project I went to see on the internet for ideas. I found three websites with really good ideas, so I might use one of them. There are three that I really like.

The one I like the most is dog nose prints from Elementary School Science Fair Projects. This is the link to the website I really like animals especially dogs so I would really like including some in my project. I don’t have a dog but I will ask my grandmother and aunt if I could borrow their dogs. My grandmother  has 2 dogs, and my aunt has 1 dog. 😺😊 (Read the rest of this story.)

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Heritage Fine Arts LogoI am so happy, because I got into my first choice of programs for Heritage 😇. Its awesome and I cant wait.

Image property of HRHS – Fine Arts Focus | Visual Art

Edublog Nominations
Posted on November 24, 2014 at 2:34 pm by and tagged

In our class we have new bloggers and bloggers who have been blogging for two years.

I find that in the older bloggers that the one that has the best blog is Christina. I find its her blog that is the best because she has solid posts with lots of facts. Although she also has a lot of posts with art for example two of her posts I really like are The Art Of Ceramics and First Day Of Snow. If you want to go check out those posts just use these links you will see her blog is really good. She also does the student blogging challenges. (Read the rest of this story.)

If I Were An Animal
Posted on November 20, 2014 at 6:30 pm by and tagged ,

Roxy AnimalsIf I were an animal I would want to be a dog. I would be a dog that is 3/4 Boxer and 1/4 Labrador. Just like my oldest brother`s dog. I would want to be a dog because I really love dogs and that kind of dog likes playing a lot and loves families. They also love being with kind and nice people. Those kinds of dogs are also very, very active.

Photo Credit : Wikimedia Commons, derivative work: December21st2012Freak

Roxy also modified this :-)

The World`s Deepest Pool !
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Roxy deepest poolThe world`s deepest pool  is really deep.  It measures 40 meters. The pool is at a hotel named Hotel Millepini it’s in Montegrotto Terme. That is in Italy.

This pool is not for random guests who just want to relax, have some fun or piece and quiet. It is more for divers, professional swimmers, professional swimming trainers, and some life guards.

One of the things that makes this pool really cool and unique is that, the pool has 4,300 cubic feet of warm water. The water is from the close local springs, so the water is always between 32 to  34 degrees celcius.

I got this information from Dogo News but I changed the words so now its my work. If you want to go see the article then go to .

Photo Credit : Wikimedia Commons, Apnea Evolution

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