;)Celebration Time;)

roxy gradI am in sixth grade this year so I am graduating from elementary school. I cant wait for my graduation. My parents, 2 brothers and maybe my aunt if we can get an extra ticket are coming to my graduation. I am excited yet nervous for my graduation. I am excited because I am graduating from elementary school and going to high school next year. Although I am nervous since my oldest brother is coming to my graduation and he was one of my only good influences growing up and I don’t get to see him all that often so it means a lot to me that he can come.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, (authors) Krzysztof Szymanski, Rocketooo, Sadcruel

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My Blog Analysis ;) !!!!!!

This post is not like most of my other posts, this post is more of an analysis of my blog. I will be sharing with you how my blog has changed and how I want it to keep changing. I will also share with you what I have learned from blogging and the moments I most enjoyed about blogging.

The skills I learned thanks to my blog are how too write longer posts, how tag and install widgets. But more importantly through my blog I have also learned to have a voice and for that voice to be my own.

With  my blog I have changed a lot. Through my blog I have changed from the different kinds of writing to the different topics. I also write longer posts now and I write a lot more now.

I really like blogging because when I’m blogging it’s the one time where I can really get all my emotions out and write what’s going on in my life and how I am feeling. I also find blogging fun and pleasant as an activity I find it is a very calming thing to do.

My blog has grown a lot threw the years and it did not end up at all how I expected but in a way its better now. Even though it didn’t tern out the way I expected I’m super happy of what has come of it. I hope I keep blogging when I am in high school and if I do I hope I put a lot more updates of my life and make it more about me. Although I still wish to do other kinds of writing.

The kind of blog I most enjoy and want to have is more of a personal, about me kind of thing. Although even if I like more that kind of blog and I still want to do many different kinds of writing.

What I most enjoyed from blogging were the free writing where we could do the style of writing we want and the topic we want. The styles of writing that I liked most to write is the personal kind and the kind where I talked about animals.


Coming For A Visit!!! ;)

I cant wait for June 18th, my oldest brother, my nieces and my sister in law are coming to visit. I haven’t seen them since Christmas so I cant wait. The best part is that my brother is coming to my graduation. My oldest niece is 2 years old and she loves to follow me everywhere when she comes to visit, I cant wait to bring her to the park, pool and many other places. Since she lives far away there are many places close to my house that she hasn’t been too yet.

Update On The Fair

frech bull dog RoxyLast time I gave you guys an update on my science fair project I wrote what I had too do and what the steps were.  Now I am getting along with the project and I have done my experiment once. I have also started working on my poster board. Now the science fair has been moved to April 2 instead of March 26. I can’t wait until the science fair, I’m excited and pretty nervous.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Kitakyushu-ichiban

Modified: Roxy

To Do Science List

My science faire project is dog nose prints. My first step I have to do is get all my materials.I will be getting all my materials by March 14th. The materials I need are:

  1. 1. Board (have)
  2. 2. Food Coloring  (buy)
  3. 3.  Dogs   (schedule)
  4. 4. Paper Towels (buy)
  5. 5. Small Pad Of Paper (have)
  6. 6. Damp Wash Cloth (have)
  7. 7. Lab Note Book (buy)
  8. 8. Pen/Pencil (have)

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Never Gonna Stop!

For this post I will be talking about a subject then linking to an other subject, then an other, then an other this will last for a little while.

Animal Lover Adopts 1500 Dogs And 200 Cats!

On Dogo News I saw a post where  a Chinese woman who loves animals so much she has quit her job to take care of her pets. She has 1500 dogs and 200 cats. She has 10 volunteers to help with the dogs and 2 for the cats.  Now because of the Chinese government she has to move her shelter since they are taking back the land.

to be continued …


Dream Vacation

nights in rodantheI seriously have already been on my dream vacation. It was in North Carolina. The beaches are beautiful. The ocean is magnificent, the sea shells are shiny yet some are like focials. My dad already found sea shells that were stuck together by sand and cement. There are also tiny crabs that are so cute. I had even once picked up jelly fish because they were dead and they were made of goo. When I went to North Carolina I saw a house that they used in a movie. The movie was called Nights In Rodanthé. I got to see the house because the condo I rented was really close to the house. If you look to the right you can see the same exact house I saw, the one used in the movie.

Have you been on your dream vacation?

All About My Cat

Charlotte Roxy 2My cat’s name is Elmo. Elmo is older then me because  he is 16 years old  in human years, and  I am 10 years old. Yet whenever I come home from home he is sleeping on my bed. Although my cat is silly and some times crazy when I point a lazar on the ground, he is probably the best cat I will ever have. I truly do love my cat. Elmo is dead now 🙁 . Even though he is dead Elmo is still going to stay in my heart for ever. Now I have another cat, Zoé 🙂 . I love her just as much too, now I just need to get use too her being in the house instead of Elmo.

Photo Credit: Roxy

The Lab Rats !!!!! :)

ratsOur teacher has other people blogging at lunch from another class, they are called The Lab Rats. There are a few people in our class that blog that are helping The Lab Rats. The lab Rats are already really good at lots of things in blogging. They are already awesome at silk art and writing their posts. If you want to go see their blogs you can go on All Things Quebec. It`s a website that our teacher made. You go to the top and it will say “ STUDENT BLOGGERS 2014“. That list is the bloggers that blog in class. Under that list it says “ LAB RATS  LUNCH CLUB“. Those are The Lab Rats.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Author: Nrets

Spread Your Wings And Fly




In class we each had too make a gallery post, I chose too make it about butterflies because I find people need to be more like butterflies. What I mean by that is that every one is always shy and depending on everyone else. People have to be more  independent sometimes. We also all have to spread are own wings and fly. We have to be ourselves. Be who you want to be not who other people want you to be. You can’t  be scared to be yourself. You can’t be scared of what other people say. For my gallery of butterfly pictures I chose live pictures, drawings and paintings. I decided that I should show you different kinds of styles of butterflies.

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