Edublog Nominations

In our class we have new bloggers and bloggers who have been blogging for two years.

I find that in the older bloggers that the one that has the best blog is Christina. I find its her blog that is the best because she has solid posts with lots of facts. Although she also has a lot of posts with art for example two of her posts I really like are The Art Of Ceramics and First Day Of Snow. If you want to go check out those posts just use these links you will see her blog is really good. She also does the student blogging challenges.

In the new blogs I find that the best blog is Sofia’s blog its awesome. I really love her blog its my personal favorite in the class. She has so many awesome posts, in her topics she has cool information, creative art, cute animals, realities and she does the student blogging  challenges. My favorite post is Snow Snow  And More Snow this is the link to the post. Her blog is really great.

2 thoughts on “Edublog Nominations

  1. Hey Roxy,
    Its me, Sofia. Thanks so much for nominating me. Most people think that the best post on my blog is Snow Snow and More Snow. I don’t know why, but it catches peoples attention. Hopefully, someone will nominate you, because your blog is great. It should be one of the winners. Anyways, here is my blog address, if you want to see who I nominated:
    Visit anytime!

    Sofia 😉

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